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The rural nature of Eastern North Carolina results in many unlisted properties that could be for sale or rent. Finding the perfect parcel requires “boots on the ground”. Nortech specializes in the hard-to-find properties that need local knowledge and physical searching. With 23 years in the area, Nortech can access possibilities through a wide circle of friends and associates, then comb the area by car and/or boat. It starts with understanding precisely what the client needs: water frontage and depth, zoning, land use requirements etc. then finding a match. We physically work the area to search out all real possibilities then report the strengths and weaknesses of each discovery to make certain client requirements are met with a parcel appropriate to the development concept.

Major construction companies often need medium-term rentals near a construction site for batch plants or storage, work trailers or equipment assembly. Finding these medium to short term locations is a long and tedious job for a company un-connected with the community. Usually within a few days Nortech can satisfy most common construction company needs.

Requirements for barge points, large lay-down yards and urban area sites can take longer, depending on the location. Our unique area knowledge, and contacts within the maritime community help us find viable barge sites with the depth necessary for the job. When needed we’ll go to the proposed site by water and assure its viability.

Nortech can then negotiate the terms of an appropriate lease, and help with permitting and coordination with local governments. We’ll follow through to the extent the job requires.

Other sites require a knowledge of seasonal traffic flow, up-coming road construction, new county ordinances and local attitudes towards development. These important factors are all part of our final report to our clients: allowing them fully-informed decision making.


Fee structures are discussed early in the process. Search fees may be on a “success” basis or on a daily/weekly rate. Acquisition and assemblage may be either on a commission, fee, or time spent basis, or both. Coordination is usually a fee basis with regular timed payments. We take no fees from outside sources on your projects without informing you up front and getting your permission. Acting as a rental broker in NC requires a separate fee or commission, while acquisition commissions can sometimes be negotiated with the seller. Our aim is to have no billing surprises once the job is finished. We will send you an MOU as a proposal before starting work.


We have on some occasions granted exclusivity to a client, either in a certain area of work or in a certain geographic area. We can grant exclusivity if our ongoing projects allow it, but require a retainer during the contracting period.

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