Focusing on Search, Acquisition and Assembly

Nortech Commercial Realty is located in Elizabeth City, NC fifty miles from the Virginia border. While we can act as general brokers, we focus on search, acquisition and representation, and generally stay “below the radar”. We primarily work with construction, utility and development companies and understand their needs. We know land professionals along the NC coast and have associates and contacts throughout the coastal region. Our projects and strengths are East of US Hwy. I-95 with special attention to tidewater areas.

 Searching for the Right Property

The rural nature of Eastern North Carolina results in many unlisted properties that could be for sale or rent. Finding the perfect parcel requires “boots on the ground”. Nortech specializes in the hard-to-find properties that need local knowledge and physical searching. With 23 years in the area, Nortech can access possibilities through a wide circle of friends and associates, then comb the area by car and/or boat. It starts with understanding precisely what the client needs: water frontage and depth, zoning, land use requirements etc. then finding a match. We physically work the area to search out all real possibilities then report the strengths and weaknesses of each discovery to make certain client requirements are met with a parcel appropriate to the development concept.

 Acquisition and Assemblage

Acquisition and Assemblage takes longer if there is inconsistent communication between potential sellers and the assembling party. At Nortech we usually establish a Current Market Price for the property by digging into county records and checking past sales, then, following our client’s instructions, make our offers in person. With a local representative, phone calls can become face to face encounters and business interactions. Presentation of an offer by a local firm precludes a “they’re not from around these parts” price adjustment on the part of the owner.

 Development Coordination

Once in development Nortech can provide representation throughout the process. We work with different area professionals including surveyors, engineers, lawyers and mitigation specialists and can recommend experienced locals to suit the project. We represent the developing party at all meetings, coordinate actions of different groups of professionals while reporting thoroughly to out-of-area clients. This allows the development entity to concentrate on its core business while still retaining control of all phases.

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