Development Coordination

Once in development Nortech can provide representation throughout the process. We work with different area professionals including surveyors, engineers, lawyers and mitigation specialists and can recommend experienced locals to suit the project. We represent the developing party at all meetings, coordinate actions of different groups of professionals while reporting thoroughly to out-of-area clients. This allows the development entity to concentrate on its core business while still retaining control of all phases.

While we don’t pretend to be experts in any of the phases of land development we know the steps necessary to get from A to B…or C…or L, and know how to keep on top of things: reporting back to our clients every step of the way. Typically all proposals and invoices go to our clients as do all substantive decisions. It is never a case that they are, “out of the loop” rather that they are more fully informed, because, as their representative, Nortech can be in on every meeting and ask every question on their behalf.

A major component of our representation is working as a liaison between our clients and government agencies. We can be there at zoning meetings, land use changes, Corps inspections et al, wherever a representative can move things along. As a client’s representative we provide constant transparent information between our specialists, and help local agencies see the project in its best light. Above all, we provide a local presence at the table, a reassurance to business and government.


Fee structures are discussed early in the process. Search fees may be on a “success” basis or on a daily/weekly rate. Acquisition and assemblage may be either on a commission, fee, or time spent basis, or both. Coordination is usually a fee basis with regular timed payments. We take no fees from outside sources on your projects without informing you up front and getting your permission. Acting as a rental broker in NC requires a separate fee or commission, while acquisition commissions can sometimes be negotiated with the seller. Our aim is to have no billing surprises once the job is finished. We will send you an MOU as a proposal before starting work.


We have on some occasions granted exclusivity to a client, either in a certain area of work or in a certain geographic area. We can grant exclusivity if our ongoing projects allow it, but require a retainer during the contracting period.

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