Acquisition and Assemblage

Acquisition and Assemblage takes longer if there is inconsistent communication between potential sellers and the assembling party. At Nortech we usually establish a Current Market Price for the property by digging into county records and checking past sales, then, following our client’s instructions, make our offers in person. With a local representative, phone calls can become face to face encounters and business interactions. Presentation of an offer by a local firm precludes a “they’re not from around these parts” price adjustment on the part of the owner.

With Nortech as your representative, time spent on assembly becomes less costly. Neighborhood sales are noticed, county rule changes are taken into account, changes in The Corps of Engineers, DENER and CAMA policies are noted: and reported to the client. We make sure that our clients know what the rules are, every step of the way.

Acquisition often entails a different end use for the property. Nortech can introduce clients to area professionals that understand the problems and can help with solutions. Often having the right expert, early, can save substantial money later. As licensed brokers we can draw up offers, negotiate for you and provide full brokerage services if desired.

One of the most important thing we do during this process is to provide a friendly local face to the sellers and to the community. The process of acquisition in rural communities is often helped by local representation that is available and reassuring.


Fee structures are discussed early in the process. Search fees may be on a “success” basis or on a daily/weekly rate. Acquisition and assemblage may be either on a commission, fee, or time spent basis, or both. Coordination is usually a fee basis with regular timed payments. We take no fees from outside sources on your projects without informing you up front and getting your permission. Acting as a rental broker in NC requires a separate fee or commission, while acquisition commissions can sometimes be negotiated with the seller. Our aim is to have no billing surprises once the job is finished. We will send you an MOU as a proposal before starting work.


We have on some occasions granted exclusivity to a client, either in a certain area of work or in a certain geographic area. We can grant exclusivity if our ongoing projects allow it, but require a retainer during the contracting period.

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